Rash & Allergic Reactions

Rash and Allergic Reactions Questions and Answers

If you are experiencing an unknown allergic reaction, trust the medical professionals at Houston Medical ER to evaluate and diagnose your symptoms. We can develop a treatment plan that uniquely addresses your individual needs. For more information, call us now. We have convenient locations in Houston TX, and Spring TX to serve you.

Rash and Allergic Reactions Treatment Near Me in Houston, TX and Spring, TX
Rash and Allergic Reactions Treatment Near Me in Houston, TX and Spring, TX

SAllergic reactions can produce a wide range of symptoms, although a rash is the most common. Rashes can be caused by many forms of allergies, including contact dermatitis, which is when physically touching an object or substance produces a red, swollen or sore rash, or even a blister. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction and you do not know what is causing it, it is imperative to receive an allergy test as soon as possible.

How long does an allergic reaction last?

Allergic reactions last for varying lengths of time: they may take a few hours to a few days to completely disappear. Allergic reactions may last for longer periods such as a few weeks to months, if the exposure to the allergen continues, such as during a spring pollen season. Even with sufficient and appropriate treatment, some allergic reactions may take several weeks to go away. A rash caused by an allergic reaction typically develops within minutes to hours of exposure and can last two to four weeks.

What does an allergic reaction rash look like?

There are several different types of rashes that can form from an allergic reaction. In general, rashes have a red appearance, can form in little bumps or large elevated areas of skin, are itchy, can appear flakey, and may be warm or tender to the touch. Common types of allergic rashes include:

• Contact Dermatitis
• Appears hours to days after contacting an allergen
• Has visible borders and appears where the skin touched the irritant
• Skin is itchy, red, scaly, or raw
• Blisters that weep, ooze, or become crusty
• Allergic Eczema
• May resemble a burn
• Often found on hands and forearms
• Skin is itchy, red, scaly, or raw
• Blisters that weep, ooze, or become crusty
• Drug Allergy
• Mild, itchy, red rash that occurs hours, days or weeks after taking a drug
• Hives, swelling, itching, and difficulty breathing
• Tiny purple or red dots on the skin

If your rash does not fit the description of any of these symptoms, you should have your rash evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible.

How can you tell if a rash is serious?

Signs and symptoms that indicate a rash is serious include:

• A fever or pain accompanying the rash
• A sudden spreading of bruise-like lesions
• A rash that continues unabated
• Any rash that is widespread
• Rashes that start to blister, unless it is caused by poison ivy
• Purple spots that appear on your hands and feet, as it could be a sign of an infection of the heart
• A circular-shaped rash, especially if you are in an area where Lyme disease is endemic

Where can I find treatment for my allergic reaction in Spring, TX and Houston, TX?

If you are experiencing a rash allergy and live in or near Spring, TX and Houston, TX come to Houston Medical ER! Our qualified physicians can determine what is causing your rash and develop a treatment plan that uniquely addresses your needs.

If you or someone you love has a new rash and you are not sure what is causing it, come to Houston Medical ER today. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in evaluating, diagnosing and treating rashes and can help you find the best solution for your unique situation. Call us today. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Houston TX, Spring TX, North Houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Humble TX, Heights TX, Downtown Houston TX, Northwest Houston TX, Northeast Houston TX, Conroe TX, Willis TX, Tomball TX, Cypress TX, and Memorial City TX.


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