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For more information, call us. We serve patients from Houston TX, Spring TX, North Houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Humble TX, Heights TX, Downtown Houston TX, Northwest Houston TX, Northeast Houston TX, Conroe TX, Willis TX, Tomball TX, Cypress TX, and Memorial City TX.

We treat medical conditions that range from minor emergencies such as sprain/strains to major life threatening emergencies such as chest pain, acute asthma attacks, stroke, gallstones, kidney stones, appendicitis, sepsis. Services we offered includes oxygen, nebulizer treatment, advanced cardiac support, IV hydration, IV pain medications, IV fluid, IV antibiotics, IV cardiac medications. At Houston Medical ER, we offer observation beds to prevent full hospital admission – this saves your time and saves hospital beds for patients with acute severe illness requiring in patient hospitalization.

IV Monoclonal Antibodies to Treat Covid Positive Patients

Houston Medical ER is now providing the latest treatment protocol for COVID-19 positive patients during the first 10 days of illness to prevent COVID related hospitalization.

FREE IV Monoclonal Antibodies for patients uninsured and no out of pocket costs for patients with insurance.

We accept all insurance for Covid-19 related illnesses.

IV Monoclonal Antibodies are an early intervention which may reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization for people with Covid-19 and are at high risk of developing more serious illness. Under EUA, healthcare provides are authorized to administer monoclonal antibodies to patients if they have experienced mild to moderate symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 10 days & have tested positive for Covid-19. We want to ensure that patients can receive monoclonal antibody treatments so they may increase their chances of recuperating at home and avoiding hospitalization.

We are here to serve our Houston & Spring Communities. Savings Lives is what we do BEST! We love our patients and do our best to be your neighborhood and community ER for you and your family.

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